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What do we know about Axel?
* Axel is a criminal. The reason for his conviction hasn't been stated.
* Axel wants to be part of the community. After the death of the others, he raises the possibility of him and Oscar joining the group with Rick.
* Axel has mechanical skills. In one of the episodes, he is mentioned by Darryl as working on the generators.

I doubt very much that Axel will turn against the community, or take any action that would threaten his standing with the community.

If there is a death, I think it might be Maggie or Glenn, or the person who fell in the prison. (See trailer.)

Maybe just the optimist in me....i see Axel as some poor guy who messed up pretty bad (like drugs and theft), and was locked up at the "worst" possible time, and is just needy for a community...somewhere where he has significance and love.

We'll see...

Hmm..but Beth, on the other hand...she could be somone who gets shot when the raiding party comes (maybe even becomes a walker because it's not safe to get her body).

Oh, and to answer PKerr, yes, I was bothered by it too. In the AMC Story Sync poll, i voted "Tactically right, but morally wrong." He didn't "deserve' death, but he was running so fast to the door -- if he went out, everyone might have died from the Walkers (or bit, at least). Other than Michonne, was anyone close enough to grab him? And even if they did, could they have calmed him down enough to all escape?
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