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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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Hopefully next week is a real big fall finale, but I'm leaning towards not coming back in March, considering by then I will have forgotten everything that's happened so far.
My sentiments as well. I'm actually surprised at myself for sticking with the show this far, but the eye-rolling moments have gotten a bit more frequent of late, hitting a peak in this installment.
I gave up on it. Mostly the scripts and dragging things out, but also because I'm not fond of Charlie. Not sure if I don't like the actress or how she's written/directed. So I guess I'm happy I bailed early, despite reading that the show's a "hit."
Maybe a bit of both

i am thinking that her screen test/audition went really well...her crying, if just taken in a screen test, would have been impressive. But when she does that kind of stuff EVERY week, it feels old and whiny.

To me, it's like Wesley Crusher/Wil Wheaton. When they saw him in Stand By Me, at that juncture, he seemed like a perfect Wesley Crusher. But by the time they aired the show, he was a teenager. And stories/situations meant for a 12 year old would seem ridiculous for a full blown teenager. (i..e the episode Justice....yeah, most 15 year old boys would only be interested in playing soccer on a planet of nympho-blondes. Right....)
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