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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Omega/MACO/KHG/Borg now require a lot more time investment
At least you can invest time into it now instead of relying on luck to get a piece of gear.

And before someone tries the increase drop rate argument, it's ONE item that only ONE person in a FIVE person group can get, so unless there is one or more drops I doubt it would work.

Oh, and not only have they killed Dilithium farming,
This has be debunked. Your getting dilithium for all the dilithium dailies, the STFs, and the Fleet actions, not to mention doff assignments, exchanging neural processors, and at some point reputation xp assignments, and exchanging marks.

And lets be honest unless your grinding for zen (which of course they expect you to pay for since they have to make money off this thing) its mostly going towards gear thats somewhat better than what you can get for ECs, I mean hell I just sold some master keys I got with my 500 zen a month and just flat out bought Mk XI purple gear on the exchange.
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