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Re: Spacex CEO wants to co-build and fund huge Mars colony effort

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It's not "per year" though, that's his upper limit for the colony itself. With anything resembling realistic technology, it would take upwards of ten years to transport that number of people to Mars, even before accounting for returns and deaths.

Millions of people needed for Mars colony, so 80k+ would just be the number moving to Mars per year
Which links to this article which interviews the ACTUAL Elon Musk. It's not the first time he's quoted his "80,000 people" figure, it's just the most recent.

Don't get excited, Rama.

Im well aware of the capacity of current rockets, well aware of the idea that spacex would basically be passenger "bus" rockets to Mars and that they wouldn't be running the colony itself, and most of all aware of the potential timeline, I predicted at 50% chance of a Mars landing by 2035..personally I wish I felt they were higher. What's new is that this isn't some back page idea and artist's rendering, it has a motivated person with money behind it, and if this particular motivated person doesn't do it, others will...eventually. The technology will be there.

As for the quote, he follows up on his quote on twitter and I have seen it repeated on other media pages on my phone, so I'm sticking with it till he says otherwise.
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