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[...] conspired to not let me see your suggestion, which is an excellent one. I woul dlove to take you up next time you are in L.A.
Thank you for your kind offer, but its hard to say when that will be... years at the least, I suspect. It would be interesting to talk personally with you about your production since we are both interested in portraying the same era of Trek, and to a smaller extent the same personalities.

Of course, I would have to show up in a Guy Fawkes mask: to preserve my secret identity.

I do encourage you to find a way to get together with the people you are experiencing difficulty with online, find one or more neutral parties to moderate, and have a get together. It can be at some fan event or a one-off. A conference call would be less effective because the moderating effects of physical presence would be lost. Alcohol is a catalyst, but the effects are unpredictable!

For the record, I believe that its unreasonable to ask any group to work with someone who has caused them direct harm in some way. On the other hand, I also think its unreasonable for an association of equal groups to dictate who can and cannot be associated with by the individual members (I state this as a point of discussion, not as fact in anyway). I think, ultimately, these two issues were behind the discussion that started the fireworks in this thread. People want to hear the details before entering an agreement, and I think that was -- largely -- what they were asking for. Perhaps with skepticism, even distrust because of certain personalities involved, but initially with interest. I think pursuing this question with the Association members and responding here would be useful to clear up any misunderstandings.

While this extremely generous offer is potentially of great benefit (I really, really can't state that enough), I'm concerned about potential downsides. I think we've seen in this thread (among others) some of the negative fruits of the Trek studio interactions that have already taken place. Taken as a whole they may be small compared to the positive outcomes as productions, but the negatives tend to impact the online community heavily as well, causing dissent and mistrust, if not outright fury (if anyone can make mountains out of molehills, online forums should hold the patent). Now multiply the current situation by 10, for example. I hope the issue is obvious. People aren't perfect and there are going to be mistakes and misdeeds, and the Association would be well served to think this all out ahead of time and come up with rules, procedures, and education to help decrease the impact on all parties, including us in the bleachers.

My effort here has been an attempt to get all parties talking internally and externally in a useful manner to resolve these sorts of issues before they become even more poisonous, and I would be very glad if that would happen.

While currently a "production" of my own isn't on the horizon until certain conditions change, in the spirit of the Association's generosity I'm willing to offer my services as a "script doctor/editor" or general Trek Consultant (™) to anyone who is interested, to the extent that I have the time or ability to do so. All I can promise is that I'll be honest.



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