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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

Hey, Count. Thanks for the Welcome.

Theme? Not sure if it's exactly the right word.

i wanted to develop a fuller understanding of Klingon/Federation relations- so i read the Wiki on the History, then started Chronologically By Star date watching the episodes in the various series (except TAS) , Undiscovered country, then series again...( i'm still in DS9 following Worf's journey) that centered on the Klingons- the high council, Worf's relationship the high council, etc.

Geo-politics isn't really my 'thing'- so Uni/multi-versal Politics is even more difficult for me to grasp. A Themed Rewatch helps to Put it all together for me.

A Query, if i might: Would anyone happen to know why the Memory Alpha Wiki is written in the Past Tense~ as in: The Klingons were a Warrior Race- rather than in the Present tense? I'm new to the Wiki and to Fan sites. Any insight would be greatly appreciated...
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