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Re: Powerball. What could you do with a 425 million dollar lottery win

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My inner geek says: Find some worthwhile but struggling fanfilm and give them a couple of million or so, my inner egotist says "Fuck 'em film my on fanfilm epic "
This, absolutely: I'd build a career in moviemaking. And while I'd certainly consider going to film school, for the networking/social benefits if nothing else, I'd also start personal, self-funded projects right away. I'd love to make a Bond, Indy-like or Superman fan film staring myself... and, being 5'9 plus change, I'd fill the rest of the cast with actors/friends 5'5 and below.

Like everyone else, I'd pay off my+family+friends' debts. And I'd make a generous donation to my old boarding school, and hire a personal cook and fitness trainer. I'd purchase/restore the Harding Theater in my hometown San Francisco neighborhood.

I'd like to make a documentary about the Electoral College presented as a Guy Noir/Sin City-like detective tale. Eventually, I might get into co-financing pet projects: a Seven-Per-Cent Solution re-adaptation, a His Dark Materials TV series, a Prydain Chronicles film series... the possibilities are endless...

... And I'd do it all with a large dog or two at my side.
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