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Re: Do flaws make good characters great?

Hey all, Newbie here.

Flawed Characters Caught my eye: as we are all deeply Flawed {i, perhaps, more than most}, i believe we DO identify with those who are characterized as Imperfect, at best: yet rise above their Imperfections to become Heroes, nonetheless. Flaws make Heroes more relate-able, more sympathetic, more like the Us We Hope We Could Be.

"NuKirk is not about the so-called "flaws." Being cool enough to cheat Kobayashi Maru by nailing a hot chick isn't a flaw, it's a dream come true."

i HAVE thought a great deal about the idea of the CHEAT being so central in the reboot.

i think Cultural values towards "doing what needs to be done to succeed" versus an immutable belief in Personal Responsibility, Morality, and taking the High Road have shifted quite a bit over the last several years.

i wonder if the Generation coming of age right now doesn't have a very different Measuring Stick of 'cheating' than the culture at large possessed in my day~ and if this "Nu" attitude doesn't reflect the changing tide?

Just thinking out loud~ and glad to be here.

Thanks for listening...
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