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Re: How many female fanfic authors?

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Hello everyone I'm Seren (obviously a newcomer to the forum but I dabble a bit and I've been browsing the last few days!), and I'm just wondering how many of the regular participants here are female like myself, or is most Star Trek fanfic written by men?
Welcome! There are a great number of female Star Trek fanfiction writers out there.

I'm Whoa Nellie. I'm one half of a writing team of two women with Psychology degrees who have been writing together for well over a decade. My co-author and I write romance-novel styled TNG and Voyager stories and most of our stories are NC-17 for romance novel-style love scenes (I post edited versions to this site and ) We strive to create well-written, enjoyable stories with good banter that rings true to the characterizations in trek canon. Some of our stories are very plot heavy while some are on the lighter side. As we began writing our first work, 'Double Entendre,' when either of us went too far the other one would call out "Whoa Nellie!" while hitting the delete key. This practice stuck. When we decided to post our stories to the internet, (way back in 1998) 'Whoa Nellie' was a natural choice for us as a pen-name.

The entire collection of Whoa Nellie's Star Trek Fan Fiction stories including our signature Picard/Vash, Crusher/Chakotay stories and the Voyager Twist of Fate series can be found here:

Whoa Nellie's Star Trek Fan Fiction Stories

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