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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Ridiculous. These comments really piss me off when you haven't even seen Season 2, never mind the fact that you have no idea what CBS may have planned for BOBW. Try writing a critique when you've SEEN what you're supposed to be criticizing.
Don't be posting screencaps if you don't want people criticizing the work. It's pretty simple. It is a definite step down from season one.

And if the pattern holds, Best of Both Worlds II won't be done by CBS-Digitial.
People shouldn't jump the gun just yet, who is reworking Season 4 is up to TPTB not us. If CBS does listen to the feedback from the fanbase/consumers then the they will know what we would like to see from the seasons to come. I for one appreciate all the coverage, previews, trailers and caps from the episodes that are posted on TrekCore.
I guess my gripe with FrontierTrek is this: he's posting screencaps from season two effects shots that suffer in quality compared to season one. But then says not to criticize the work because we haven't seen it yet. Then what is the point of posting the screencaps if they're not indicative of the quality we will be seeing?

I'm still peeved that a ton of websites, including his, missed the glaring audio issues from season one. It means their reviewer is either a shill for CBS or incompetent. Judging by how he's reacting to the criticism of season two, I'm starting to lean towards shill. YMMV.
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