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Re: Brought to you by the letter "p" for "pedophilia"?

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Big Brother/Big Sister sort of thing? Mentoring? I can think of several legit reasons.
Working in that type of environment, I would find a way to donate my time that wouldn't have the potential to put me in a compromising position.

Honestly, I don't know whether or not the man is guilty (and I'm glad I don't have to make that judgement). But if he was spending time with these boys alone it will be impossible to disprove these charges.
I think, given what he did for a living, guilty or not any work he did even outside the production would likely subject him to suspicion. Right now, I'd say it's looking bad for him; but I hope--whatever the final outcome--it doesn't tar all the good work that Seasme Street and Children's Television Workshop has done over the years with the same brush.
I wonder if any of these victimes plan to go after CTW with a civil suit. They could claim, correctly or not, that the CTW protected and/or enabled the Elmo guy to victimize these young men.
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