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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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Just survived my first terror mission and I damn near cacked me pants! Two chrysalids burst out of nowhere, one got point blank with my sniper and I was sure I'd lost her. Thankfully I chose to equip one of my assaults with a shotgun and my heavy had rapid fire so I was able to kill them both before things got ugly.

I think I may have thrown too much effort into getting satellites and uplinks as of right now I still only have starting weapons and armour. Mind you having a lot of income early on should help and I plan on only researching laser rifles before skipping straight to plasma weapons. Also I have the South American bonus which means autopsies and interrogations are instantaneous. All I need is one more sat over Africa and I can get the cash bonus too!
I've found money isn't as important in this game like in the original since you have multiple resources to manager now (like research projects won't even start without a certain number of scientists, and you can't buy scientists). Don't skip over laser weapons. Build a couple. You can't research plasma weapons unless you capture aliens (if you have captured them, well then go for it).

In the original game my brother went full plasma, then ran into an alien that was almost impervious to plasma (but the autopsy said that lasers cut threw them like a hot knife in butter). I don't know if they did that this game.

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