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Re: data department change in chain of command

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The Riker one seems more murky to me. Obviously, for purposes of the show, he had to go back to being first officer at the end of the episode. But he was given a promotion and command of the ship by an admiral with the authority to do so, not on a temporary basis but on the assumption Captain Picard was dead and that this would be a permanent command for Riker. Even given the unusual circumstances, it seems odd to me to knock him back down to Commander, even if he goes back to being first officer.
There has historically been a division between promotions given at the highest level of authority, or permanent promotions, and those given on a more local level to fill immediate vacant or expanded positions. In the US services, for instance, permanent officer promotions require confirmation by the Senate. It has been very common for officers to revert to their permanent rank after the war/crisis/whatever is over.

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That always annoyed me... that there could be a "Captain of Engineering." Very unrealistic!
On a US nuclear aircraft carrier it is not uncommon for the reactor officer (nuclear chief engineer) to be a captain who has already commanded a ship of his own. The thing is, there are no ties, even between two people with the same rank. One will always be senior, either by date of rank or by specific orders.

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She's a counselor, her primary job is to sit with people and talk about things in a relaxing, comfortable, environment. How at easy is someone going to be sitting there talking to a woman in uniform holding a higher rank than you? It might provide an ounce of pressure on someone that could make a counseling session difficult.
A fair point and similar to one that's been made before: In WW1 Gen. Pershing ordered chaplains in the AEF to wear the chaplain's cross instead of rank insignia. He though this would make them more approachable and better able to deal with enlisted men. He made it army policy when he became chief of staff, but after a few years the rank insignia were brought back. Apparently the chaplains themselves liked to be able to show their status among other chaplains and officers. British Royal Navy chaplains still wear a modified officer's uniform without rank insignia.

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I think for one thing US Navy aircraft carriers carry many more personnel onboard (5500+) thus necessitating two Captains due to the larger number of people, departments, functions, etc. to oversee.
Well about 2500 of that is the air wing, who are under their own CO (also with the rank of captain).

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