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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Good interview, and good cue selection. I'm stunned to learn that the Act-1 opening cue to "Catspaw," which I'd always assumed was a Fried arrangement of the Courage fanfare done for that episode and is one of my favorite versions of it, is actually a library cue by Courage himself. Some interesting bits of texture to discover in the other cues as well. "Aberrated Captain" was the cue I'm the least familiar with; I don't think it was ever reused outside of the "Enterprise Incident" teaser. It's got an unusual sound for TOS; it actually reminded me a bit of Lost in Space music at some points (not surprising, perhaps, since Courage did a few scores for LiS and other Irwin Allen shows).

My main question for Neil is: How do we know that the laserdiscs were accurate to the originals in their audio mix, pitch, etc.? Or are they just the closest approximation available?

And when are we going to see the next track list? There are still six discs remaining to cover, and there are only six days left until the release.
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