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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

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I wasn't talking about any of the specific events or actions in the movie I just meant the ideas in general. All I meant was that it is not impossible for a male to relate to things happening to a female protagonist or the other way around.
Surely this statement constitutes a BBS Moment of Courage. Who on Earth would say that it was?

(Hint: reread my earlier posts carefully before replying "Gaith".)

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Gaith wrote: View Post
Of course I can relate to emotions experienced by females. The Golden Compass is my favorite book bar none. You don't think I enjoyed Prometheus and Hanna for their compelling male characters, now, do ye?
Yet for some reason you can't relate to actions performed by women such as beating up bad guys, wielding cool gadgets, and being all badass?
I can't really relate to men or women doing that, as those aren't exactly traits/skills of mine. But while seeing male characters doing so can serve as wish fulfillment/projection fantasies for me personally, female characters can't.

I don't see what's so hard to grok about this. You and JD seem to be making a blithe conflation of relatability with personal wish fulfillment that I never have, and in so doing are beating up on a straw man. Congrats.
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