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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Synopsis Revealed!!

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V'Ger is perfect to deal with. If 2001 is popular still today, I'm fairly certain that TMP re-made minus the fluff will be just as fantastic.
No. Wait, let me think about that some more... no. Wait. Scratch that... hell no.

2001 is still popular today, but as a legendary sci-fi film that people watch in their homes and in a very rare special theater presentation. But a film like 2001 would never be made by a Hollywood studio today, and it certainly would not have the mass market appeal to draw in the "blockbuster" sized audience Hollywood seeks. Heck, 2001 wasn't hugely successful, in box office terms, when it was released in the 1960's. You think it would work today? Superman Returns made nearly $400 million at the box office alone. It was considered "a disappointment" by the studio. Studios are interested in nothing but the lowest common denominator because they consider anything less than a gagillion dollars to be a failure.

Aside from that, though, why the obsession with remaking classics? Why in the world would I, as someone who loves TMP, want to see a modern remake of it? Based on the evidence presented in movie theaters over the last several decades, I have absolutely no evidence to suggest the ability of Paramount, or any other Hollywood studio, to remake TMP in a way that is respectful of the source material and produce a thought-provoking science fiction film. More than likely, if they were to remake it, they would keep the basic premise of a living machine threatening Earth, and everything else would be jettisoned in favor of millisecond long cuts, ShakyCam, and lots of 'splosions.
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