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Re: How about a "trapped in the past/future" Trek?

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It was a flash in my head--something I've given almost no thought to.
Then why did you post it? I'd rather read an idea that someone put a lot of thought into rather than an idea that somebody just pulled out of their ass. If you don't really care about it, why should we?
You are conflating two ideas. Just because something hits in a flash doesn't mean it isn't worthwhile; the same goes for something has been given a lot of thought.

I apologize for not knowing your personal preferences for posts to a bulletin board. Had I know you'd prefer to read posts that have been given a lot of thought, maybe I'd have given it more thought than I did--since, obviously, I was writing for your entertainment and not at all interested in hearing thoughts from the rest of the community on whether it's a good/bad idea, whether it's been done before, etc.

I'm so sorry to disappoint your rigid internet posting standards. I thought forums like this were for the exact purpose of putting forth these sorts of ideas, and reading through a lot of posts, I felt my suspicions were confirmed. (Including this gem, from you: "Well, I went to Trekcore to see screencaps of said ship, but it turned out that I was far more interested in the two chicks with the ill-fitting bikinis."; which is clearly a well-thought-out idea and certainly of interest to the community at large.)

But regardless, I'm thrilled you took the time to respond to let me know what you'll prefer next time!
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