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Re: Halo 4 & Halo Remastered

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I really like Spartan Ops, though. It's like an extra campaign (which is good for me, since I really like solo stuff). Some have complained how there's no more Firefight, but I think something structured like this is better than bad guys just spawning on a map (and I loved firefight). I finished the first chapter on Heroic, then again on Legendary. I'm about to start on Chapter 2.
See, they claimed it was an extra campaign, but there's just not enough story (or map variation) for me to count it as that. It's really just Firefight with cutscenes, as far as I'm concerned.

(The fact that I can brute-force my way through on Legendary via respawns is fun, though. )
I love SpOps - it's just enough story to keep me entertained, and the Gameplay is super fun, even Solo Legendary is pretty awesome across the board.

Co-Op (2-player) SpOps requiring XBL Gold for both players sucks balls though.
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