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Those with LEGIT Voyager DVDs, please help

Hello! I have bought the full series of Voyager DVDs on eBay, being careful to not buy the obvious pirated copies like the ones in the cardboard boxes. I have been watching auctions for quite some time so I thought I was prepared to not get a pirated copy. I received the DVDs last week and things just did not look ‘right’ to me. Overall, the set looks just like the legit copies, but I started noticing quality problems. The DVDs themselves, while looking perfect, were all pitted on the printed side of the disc. The printing on the outer sleeve (the large round picture on the front of each season) seemed not as good as I would expect a commercial set to look. After searching a little more, I found that each season’s ‘book’ of DVDs has the “Star Trek Voyager” printed on the first ‘page’, where mine was printed on the plastic slipcover. Also, the ‘book’ of DVDs slid out the bottom of the slipcover, not the split slipcover as in legit copies. Overall, If I was not paying attention to the details, I would think this was a perfectly legit set. Even all the UPCs are correct. The real tipoff was the fact that these DVDs are region free. No way that's legit!

Also, in my research, I have learned about all the information that is printed on the inner hub of DVDs and CDs. There is a very small ifpi logo with a letter and 3 numbers ‘branded’ into the plastic of the disc. The code details what machine pressed the disc. That code on my DVDs is ifpi Z977. I found a site that lists a lot of ifpi SID codes, and that says my disc was created in Poland. I doubt Paramount is sourcing DVDs in Poland.

Now my real question for those of you who have the REAL DVDs is… what does your ifpi number read? There are two sets, one ‘branded’ into the plastic, another printed on the underside of the disc by all the barcoding. Could someone (or lots of you) post the REAL ifpi code from the REAL DVDs? I will be using this as proof to eBay that these are indeed fake. Also, I will post some pictures of what I received from the eBay seller tonight when I get home so you (and the rest of the world) can see these new and improved fakes.
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