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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

It is a low score, but I have a great deal of trouble getting past the way this episode undermines one of the best character dynamics on the show. Dukat's desire to get romantically involved with Kira was about ego, self-delusion, and a desire to be loved by the person that hated him most. Now Dukat just seems like a creep that wanted to get with the daughter of his former lover. It also interferes with Dukat's relationship with Tora Naprem.

If Kira's mother had hooked up with some Cardassian other than Dukat, perhaps the Prefect that ruled Bajor before him, I would be more forgiving about the episode's other problems.

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I'm willing to accept the time travel portion as basically a sort of "vision," so the "tampering with the timestream" complaint doesn't really bother me. And meeting Kira's mother is interesting, after meeting her father in Ties of Blood and Water (?), I think it was.
That's the way I tried to see the episode when it first aired, and that would certainly make the most sense. But considering the way the Orb of Time worked in Trials and Tribble-ations, and the fact that Kira got the old "Don't interfere with the timeline" speech at the beginning of the episode, it seems like she really did go back in time.

Here's a thing I just realised, Kira claimed at the beginning of the episode that you can only use the Orb of Time if the Prophets consider your quest worthy. Does that mean that the Prophets approved of Darvin's plan to kill Kirk?
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