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Re: How about a "trapped in the past/future" Trek?

The whole fish out of water thing works best when you can relate to the characters in some way, like Captain America being stuck in our time where we can relate in a way to where he came from, or John Crighton in Farscape as he sees things as the viewer does. Stargate did a good job at this sort of show as one week they could visit a primitive planet, the week after people hundreds of years more advance, the next a complete alien world and the one after a world on a similar level to us.

A jump into the future I agree would be too Andromeda like and depending on where to jump into the past it wouldnt make much difference other than to advance the time period (unless it was to our time which would scream Battlestar 1980).

I would rather see a show set in the new movie universe, TOS was always the more exciting show for me as the ones set after fealt too comfortable (apart from DS9) and it would be more interesting to actually explore strange new worlds in a universe that is familiar but not bound to the detail of 40 years of writing.
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