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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

Yeah, the DB5's guns are great for what they're designed to do, i.e. engage other vehicles in combat or hit a static target, against a bunch of men they're useless unless you can bunch those men up to make a big target. The notion that you could start the car up and "pivot" is daft, it's not some kind of hover car, it's a 1960's sports car, which just adds to the ludicrousness of the idea of haring around the countryside trying to take out a bunch of armed men.

The car won’t move great over that ground, it's not a 4x4, it's used to roads not uneven/icy ground, in fact it might not move at all, and even if it does it’s going to move slowly, so what you have is a slow moving big target, vs. lots of more manoeuvrable smaller targets with automatic weapons.
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