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Re: TOS in High-Def?

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"It brings to mind a few questions I have regarding whether the show is being presented in high-def. This is the first time I have watched the show on a high definition television set, and the picture looks great! Was the image restored for the 2005 DVD release, or is this something that was done for the blu ray release?"
According to my information the original remastered DVD release came from an HD master (down-resolutioned or "down-rezed").
I'm just not sure if CBS used that same HD master for their disc releases on HD-DVD and Blu-ray or made a new one.

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"I'm not a fan of the CGI effects. Does anybody know why most of the space effects were replaced with what is, by today's standards, very cheap looking CGI? I can understand offering an enhanced effects version, similar to the original Star Wars, but the show should be preserved in it's original form as well. Is the series available on DVD with the original effects?"
The original effects are available both on DVD and on Blu-ray (viewing option before the start of each episode), the CGI effects and the alternate version / edit of "Where No Man Has Gone Before" are exclusively available on Blu-ray.
As for the cheap looking CGI I don't have the answer (the CGI matte paintings for the landscapes, however, are fascinating, IMHO). The problem with the original VFX is that these do not look much better than on DVD (due to the old VFX creation process).
I would very much like CBS to consider sending somebody to the TOS camera negative archives and look for the original VFX blue screen elements and restore the original VFX like they did for TNG-R (and I believe there'll be additional, unused and never before seen VFX shots). This would encourage me to buy TOS-R, again. (tell CBS!!!)

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"Has anybody else noticed such oddities that were not visible before? Or is there a site I could be referred to that explores them further?"
Good question. I'd like to know that myself. Don't tell me that the best blooper from TOS is only the one from "Space Seed" where Kirk smashes the hibernation chamber glass, looses his phaser and suddenly Bones is rather preoccupied with picking up the phaser than his patient...

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