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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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besides remember how the US government freaked in the JLU cartoon when they found out that their satellite had been weaponized with alien hardware? The Romans spent 200 years arguing down the idea of a fire department because they didn't want an organized and trained body of men inside the city limits who might at any point be repurposed for political measures.


If the Avengers are going to turn into a massive army... Don't you think that the US government is going to be mildly concerned and try something stupid again like outlawing super powers, reinstating the capekillers or civilian oversight?

Think about the similarities between Avengers Mansion and Waco.

Everything could go so wrong so quickly.
The 50 States Initiative was already close to a military force.
I don't think Cap is planning on working hand in hand with the US Government this time. Actually last time Cap implicitly chose not to be answerable to the US Government which lead to the Civil War Scuffle. He's had some real trouble with "administrations" over the years, even though he firmly believe's in the spirit of America. hell i can think of twice that the Red Scull turned out to be a highly placed political figure within inches of taking the presidency if he could have been bothered.

But yes, the 50 State Initiative was a paramilitary peace keeping force answerable to SHIELD and the local authorities. It was Avengers in name only. Checks and balances would have kept those heroes beholden to tyrants like Stark and Osborn.

The Vision, while he was temporarily insane, was planning on taking over the world by franchising the Avengers in the 80s which by the final count had some very positive ramifications over than the world leaders collectively deciding to lobotomise the Vision.

Actually, if the vision has recovered all his old memories at some point since 1987, shouldn't there be some pay back or precautions?
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