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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

So, "The Child" looked great.* The live-action looked just as good as anything in Season One. The darker, moodier lighting really translates well in HD. Even the VFX looked just fine -- no problems in this episode. The starbase looked fine in motion and it's not upscaled from SD. Audio sounded good and there were no channel mapping problems.

And it looks like Best Buy's price will be $64.99 on Dec. 4th. Go here and click the 2nd spoiler image under "Movies/Music":

*Though now with the slightly wider frame (1.35:1) you can really see Patrick Stewart's arm and shoulder coming back into the shot when he supposedly walks away from Wesley in the corridor on his way to Ten Forward for the first time. It was that way on the DVD, but they probably expected overscan to take care of it on old TV sets. Not sure why they didn't erase it for Blu-ray -- would've been a cinch. Oh well.
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