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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I just have to say... just got the set... just literally put disc one in and the Season Three trailer is frickin' out of this world awesome!

Season Three looks feature film good... the newer EXR fine-grain film stock from Kodak that they began using here (and Marvin Rush taking over as DP) really makes the shots pop and stand out in color, density and contrast in ways Seasons 1 & 2 just didn't.

And the VFX are wonderful... really outstanding. Love that opening shot from "Evolution" with the Enterprise falling toward the neutron star and red giant. If you thought the VFX in Season One looked good... this is even better. That is all.
2 questions:

1) How did you get the set already (A week early)

2) Did they give a timeframe as to when season 3 is coming out, or is it "Coming soon".
For #1 see my previous post... as for #2, it just said "coming soon." But I'd say we can expect it in early spring based on their intention of releasing three sets next year. Figure a set every 19 or so weeks, starting next week.
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