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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I just have to say... just got the set... just literally put disc one in and the Season Three trailer is frickin' out of this world awesome!

Season Three looks feature film good... the newer EXR fine-grain film stock from Kodak that they began using here (and Marvin Rush taking over as DP) really makes the shots pop and stand out in color, density and contrast in ways Seasons 1 & 2 just didn't.

And the VFX are wonderful... really outstanding. Love that opening shot from "Evolution" with the Enterprise falling toward the neutron star and red giant. If you thought the VFX in Season One looked good... this is even better. That is all.

How do you keep getting these sets a week early?! Lucky!

Any chance you'll be able to upload it like you did last time?
Unfortunately now that I'm going to be doing a few things for TrekCore, I don't want to get them in trouble by association. I'm going to have to defer to whatever timetable they've been told by CBS to stick to for promotional material to be released.

All I can say is, despite my misgivings about certain shots we've been seeing, I had no trouble forking over the dough to get this sucker tonight -- completely legitimately I hasten to add! Plus I had a $50 gift card, so the $80 price tag was no big deal. If you want it, just take a trip to a few of your favorite retailers starting this week. You may be surprised to find it on the shelf. It's just a catalog title, after all.

I went to two places tonight and luckily found it at the second one. I'll be going back to price match it once the ads come out with the almost certain to be lower price.
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