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Furuta series

Okay, my discussion of various Trek miniatures continues with the Furuta series from Japan.

I just got two of them off ebay (Jem'Hadar and Prometheus) and I'm really happy with both for the most part. (One of the Prometheus nacelles is pointing upwards more than it should, but other than that, I'm fine with them). They're a bit bigger than the Johnny Lighting series, but pretty close.

I'd really like the Equinox, and maybe the Defiant and 1701-E, mainly cause JL never made those.

Anyone else get their hands on anything from this series? I'm curious what people thought of them. Having seen some pictures and youtube vids, I think a few, like Voyager, and possibly the 1701-D, don't look as good as their JL counterparts, but there's a few I'd be interested in.
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