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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

I don't know if I have it in me anymore to root for Jax. He's spiraling out of control. I understand why Bobby did what he did and he has a right to be afraid of the man Jax is becoming.

And, to my surprise of admitting this, Wendy was the voice of reason like Bobby. What she said about the insanity of the life Jax and Tara are involved in was true. This is a terrible environment for Abel to be raised in because there's always danger lurking around the corner. I thought for a second Jax was going to kill Wendy by the end of the episode but what he did to her instead was still bad and made me hate him for it. Wendy was genuine in wanting to have a fresh start for herself. Injecting her with drugs will likely lead to the beginning of unraveling the progress she has made.

I wonder how Jax will react to Tara's decision to leave Charming with the kids, whether he agrees with it or not. Will that push him completely over the edge? I highly doubt he would beat her like Clay beat Gemma last season but with the way Jax has been unraveling this season, who knows. A part of me hopes something happens that makes Jax snap out of it and go back to getting out of this life for good.
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