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Re: Describe if you will, a "real" Star Trek battle...

There would probably be a significant tactical subgroup of Starfleet whose jobs it would be to study and evaluate threat starships and develop specific actions and countermeasures to quickly and ably defeat them. "Captain, Romulan Warbird decloaking and firing photon torpedos!". Tactical presses a button prominently marked "D'Deridex-class" and the computer takes over. Ship's torpedos arm, phasers arm, and shields go up, depending on how soon the inbound torpedos are due to arrive; if the ship can go to warp before the Romulan torps hit it then it does so. Ship short-warps to a position aft of the Warbird and fires some phasers and torpedos at the rear of the Warbird, which presumably would have its shields concentrated forward towards its target. Ship immediately short-warps again to a position perpendicular towards its previous path, fires phasers and torpedos at the Warbird. Ship's computer follows a preprogrammed but random series of short-warp hops all around the Warbird, releasing volleys of weapons before the next hop. Depending on where the inbound torpedos are about to impact on the Warbird's shields, the ship may short-warp hop to within very close proximity to the threat and focus all power to phasers to dimple the Warbird's shields in the vicinity of where previously-fired torpedos are going to strike. In short order, repeated phaser strikes and torpedo impacts from all points of the compass in all three dimensions disable or destroy the Warbird.
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