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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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besides remember how the US government freaked in the JLU cartoon when they found out that their satellite had been weaponized with alien hardware? The Romans spent 200 years arguing down the idea of a fire department because they didn't want an organized and trained body of men inside the city limits who might at any point be repurposed for political measures.


If the Avengers are going to turn into a massive army... Don't you think that the US government is going to be mildly concerned and try something stupid again like outlawing super powers, reinstating the capekillers or civilian oversight?

Think about the similarities between Avengers Mansion and Waco.

Everything could go so wrong so quickly.
The 50 States Initiative was already close to a military force.

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Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
Finished "Indestructible Hulk #1" and absolutely loved it. Mark Waid is perfect for this book and Lenil Yu's art (which I don't normally like) compliments the writing. I enjoyed Jason Aaron's run but this is much better and I'm interested in seeing where this goes. It had an "Avengers" film feel to it. The banter between 616 Coulson and Maria was awesome LOL.
Agreed. Strong first issue.

I also thought Aaron's first arc was fairly strong. It went downhill exponentially after that. Hoping for better out of Waid.
Waid's a far better writer than Aaron. I don't think the latter has had any book that didn't quickly go down hill after the first arc.

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Guess I missed those issues. I might even be glad about it.
No it was actually a decent arc. The OP is leaving out the fact that just prior to this, Kang had conquered the entire planet and destroyed a chunk of Washington DC before the Avengers had drove him off.
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