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As I said upthred, it wasn't abou protectng M, it was aout protecting everyone else.Number of innocent civilians killed by Slva after Bond kidnaps M? Zero.
No, it's just idiot plotting, arbitrary as hell. The people put at risk if they'd had SAS tucked away in Scotland wouldn't be innocent civilians, they'd be professionals and 'risk is our business' isn't it? Going the HIGH NOON route puts SKYFALL squarely in the OUTLAND territory of retreading a classic but doing so out of context, which invalidates the whole thing (but at least OUTLAND had Sean Connery!)

Bond (if you even consider this character in the 21st century films to even be Bond) has failed in two out of three movies -- oddly enough, the ones that most people, not me, fawn all over. Quantum got away with the money in CR, and he failed to save M -- thank God! -- in this one.

Even the 'old school' bare bones notion of action doesn't hold water, because they're still using a gadgeted-up Aston Martin (trotted in from another continuum!) and using it badly, since it should have been parked FACING the badguys, which would have taken them out before they got close.

So arbitrary it is like Lucas wrote it.
What a great idea, point the car with the fixed guns away from the house! That’ll do some good against Silva’s goons stretched out in a big long skirmish line, much cleverer than facing those fixed guns towards the front door that most of the goons were going to have to congregate in front of in a big, easy to hit bundle…
They have to come past, you can start the car and pivot, you're also getting them BEFORE they get near the place, thinning the numbers that much more, AND you can drive away as they go for cover, assuming you don't get them all, but ... y'know what? this is like the old days trying to talk sense to ENTERPRISE fans. If you can't see that every bit of 'strategy' in this is horseshit, then revel in your POV.
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