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TOS in High-Def?

Over the past few months, I have been revisiting episodes of the original Star Trek on Netflix. It has been a great experience for me, as I have seen ever episode of the original show at least once, but haven't seen many of them in years!

It brings to mind a few questions I have regarding whether the show is being presented in high-def. This is the first time I have watched the show on a high definition television set, and the picture looks great! Was the image restored for the 2005 DVD release, or is this something that was done for the blu ray release?

I'm not a fan of the CGI effects. Does anybody know why most of the space effects were replaced with what is, by today's standards, very cheap looking CGI? I can understand offering an enhanced effects version, similar to the original Star Wars, but the show should be preserved in it's original form as well. Is the series available on DVD with the original effects?

One thing I have noticed about the show in high-def is the number of details that were obviously not noticeable in the show's original broadcast. Of course, for years it has been easy to spot stunt doubles in nearly every fight as their faces are far more easily identifiable today than on a 1960's television set.

In one episode I was looking at back-lit screens above the bridge stations and noticed on all of them that the transparencies were warped and on the verge of peeling off! Of course, this isn't something that was ever meant to be visible on television.

Has anybody else noticed such oddities that were not visible before? Or is there a site I could be referred to that explores them further?
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