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Starship from the "Trekkies 2" opening credits?

So I'm watching it on DVD and an interesting ship comes on at the very beginning, even before the menu. Looks like a Constitution-refit but with some modifications and a thick, Constellation-like primary hull. As the movie opens, the credits for the movie are posted on the ship in various locations, but it appears the ship was designed by fan Gabriel Koerner. Later in the show and in the DVD extras are some fan-made videos showing the USS Ecuador, a modified and comedied version of the ship shown during the opening credits of Trekkies 2.

What I'm looking for are some schematics, multiviews, and an online MSD of the ship. Preferably the serious version (without the credits plastered all over the hull) shown during the T2 credits as opposed to the mismatched-nacelles Ecuador, but I'll also take ones of the Ecuador. Would anyone happen to have a link, or know who I should pester for those items? Is Koerner active on the BBS?

Not a big deal, but I just thought the design was interesting and I'd like to know more. Thanks for any nudges in the right direction, folks.
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