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New Blood, Part 7

(Enterprise1981 to answer your question, yes there will be action.)

Carl Draper read through the latest report from the Weapon Intelligence Teams operating on Cardassia as part of the Federation Task Force.

Several reported explosive devices and UXBs (Unexploded Bombs) discovered by engineers from the 188th Area Clearance Company operating in the Tarlac Sector of Cardassia City matched various Obsidian Order devices used during the Maquis War.

How would I use such devices here on the Station. Especially targeting the bigwigs coming from Bajor and Cardassia for these talks for aid? Carl thought. Cardassians are proud by their nature, and especially hardliners militant nationalists are likely to use underhanded tactics like improvised explosive devices.

He turned his attention to a couple reports, these involving two IED attacks on the Oralian Way followers. One had involved a suicide bomber blowing himself up amongst an Orallian Way gathering. The second was a smaller device aimed at a dignitary from Professor Natima Lang's Progressive Party. Professor Lang was not anywhere near the gathering when the device exploded.

Definitely have to thank John Albert for the reports. Carl thought, remembering his old Leading Chief Petty Officer from his former EOD unit.

And I've got him and Aileen to thank for introducing me and Robin. Carl thought. Today is the anniversary of our first date.

And the former EOD operative and Asymmetric Warfare Group analyst formulated a plan. He first had to do a quick calculation of the time difference between Deep Space Nine and an afternoon near a certain pub in Temecula, California as well as an anticipation of when Robin was due to get on shift. Then he factored in a quick message he'd gotten on his PADD from Robin, having to take Goliath to the Infirmary after Goliath's latest vole hunting expedition had gone awry.

After making the last arrangement over the comm with Quark he made a quick call of two old colleagues from the Asymmetric Warfare Group, both of whom were member of his Advisory and Assessment Wing Cell operating on the Station.


"Just a quick run with a dermal regenerator and a quick disinfectant hypo and he should be out of here." Dr. Bashir said with a smile as he fixed the last of the scratch on Goliath's snout.

"Thank you, Julian." Robin said.

"I don't usually take veterinary calls, but since I didn't have anything else going on and..." Julian said before Goliath sat up and started licking his face.

"And cue the main reason I don't often take veterinary calls." Julian remarked as Goliath cocked his head, panting with his tongue hanging out.

"Oh that's just his way of saying thank you." Robin said.

Goliath hopped off the biobed before Robin made him sit beside her as she attached his leash.

Julian noticed the Malamute fur all over the biobed and with a sigh began to brush it off the bed. As he finished he did notice his Physician's Assistant, Lieutenant Bill Shonsui, walking from the Infirmary. It was lunchtime so it wasn't unusual to see the man leaving for lunch.

Lieutenant Lefler was also walking out of the Infirmary when she was intercepted by Frool, one of Quark's waiters. In his hands was a bouquet of six red flowers. He recognized them as Bajoran fire roses. Judging by Lefler's expression she clearly wasn't expecting them.


"A rose by any other name is still a rose." Robin read the small message attached to the bouquet, she had felt the blood rush to her face at the sight of the half dozen Bajoran fire roses, "Love of my life, whom these flowers' beauty pales in comparison to, it has been precisely six years since our first date."

"They're beautiful." Ezri Dax remarked as she headed to the Infirmary, to have lunch with Julian.

"He always gives flowers on the anniversary of our first date, one for each year since." Robin replied.

"That is so sweet." Ezri said, with a smile.

"Woo woo..." Goliath began and Robin reached her hand down to rub Goliath's furry head, just behind the ears.

"So this was Julian's emergency patient?" Ezri said as she bent down.

"Ezri, you might not want to do that..." Julian remarked just as Goliath began to lick Ezri's face, panting softly.

"Whoa, that tickles, hey..." Ezri remarked as Goliath continued licking her face, panting as he did so.

"Welcome to the occupational hazard of having a Malamute." Robin replied as Ezri stood up, using her sleeve to wipe the dog slobber from her face.

"So what brought him to the Infirmary?" Ezri asked.

"I took him for a walk and he had to start chasing down voles again. In this case he met one that stood its ground." Robin replied.

"I'm almost tempted to suggest to Nog that we use terriers to root out the voles." Bashir quipped.

"Terriers?" Ezri asked.

"An Earth breed of canine." Bashir replied to Ezri, "Bred to combat vermin. Scrappy little dogs, smaller than Goliath. Much smaller."

"I'd best get him back to my quarters and get on duty. Thank you so much for seeing him, Julian." Robin replied.

"You're welcome." Julian remarked, and after Robin was out of earshot he said, "Should I ever decide to get us a pet please ensure it isn't a Malamute."


"Thank you for coming, gentlemen." Carl replied as Lieutenant Bill Shonsui and Senior Chief Mack Gerhardt, both from the Asymmetric Warfare Group Advisory Assessment Wing as well, sat in Carl's small office in an out of the way location near Cargo Bay 3.

The other two men were working primarily in the Infirmary and Security respectively. They were also known to be members of the AWG.

"Good call on the connection with the Orallian Way for the last few IED attacks on Cardassia." Mack remarked, "I did my own analysis on the True Way based on Constable Odo's old files. I'm certain they'll put in an appearance with the talks."

"I'm assuming you let Lieutenant Martoni know as well?" Carl remarked.

"He's been looking into the matter on his own, as well as trying to keep one step ahead of Quark." Mack remarked.

"That shifty little Ferengi definitely has a finger in damn near everything on the Station." Bill Shonsui remarked.

"Bill, that means we should definitely groom Quark as an information source." Carl replied.

"My thoughts exactly." Bill replied, "I'm drawing up my own map of Quark's known connections, I'd like to bounce that off of Odo's old files."

"I've got you covered there." Mack replied, "His files on Quark are quite extensive. And Lieutenant Martoni's constantly updating the file on Quark too."

"For any intelligence we need, Quark is definitely a number one source. Let's see what he knows about these True Way characters with a few discrete inquiries." Carl remarked.


To Be Continued...
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