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especially since the books seem (to me at least) to be going back the Richard Arnold days.
How? During the tightest of Richard's tenure (and he was only there from 1986-91) there was no interconnectivity between novels at all. He probably would have fought hard to discourage families for the Picards and the Rikers, the return of Arex and M'Ress to "New Frontier", promotions/changes for Dax, Sisko, Ro and Kira, and the death and resurrection of Janeway. I don't understand what "going back" you are talking about.
By the fact that Janeway is alive again and a recent event in the new Mack trilogy giving the impression that the reset button is still in effect.

Mot to mention that I'm worried that the next multiple book series might be getting rid of the Typhon Pact since its called The Fall.
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