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Re: Do flaws make good characters great?

It's not about "flawless characters"...not the least of which because flawlessness is itself a flaw. It's unrealistic and farcical and ridiculous.

It's about 1) characters acting in-character, and 2) the flaws being interesting. Picard was interesting because he was The Picard. He was better than the guy we saw pissed at Hugh. That wasn't the guy we knew week after week. It wasn't a matter of him being perfect or bland like some inane Harry Kim or character from a prudish old TV show. And he was certainly human - i.e. he was suffering visual hallucinations in "Chain of Command, Part II". Sure he'd have flaws, but not ones you know that he wouldn't. He was a character with whom we could explore other unknown possibilities of existence, including flawed ones, but felt wasted and disappointing exploring very well known, very well trodden ones.
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