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Re: Should they have kept Dr. Selar?

R. Star wrote: View Post
I thought it was Riker who casually phasered the clones.
Pulaski indicated to Riker her agreement with his plan for his own clone to be extended to her's.

I can understand both of their outrage at being cloned without their choice. However, that outrage should have been directed at the people who stole their genetic material and created the clones, and not at the clones themselves, who were innocent parties.

The clones destruction at Riker's hand was morally objectionable. There were other possibilities that could have been explored, that wouldn't have resulted in the clones deaths.

Minuet wrote: View Post
It would have been nice to see something like in the show E.R., where they had a plethora of minor characters that would occasionally get little bits of characterization...
Like Ensign No-name at the helm, or at the aft science station. We didn't really see that much of Ensign Ro, but she was a person and received a story arc prior to disappearing. Nurse Owaga (sp?) too, she got relatively few lines, but enough to become a character. These minor characters wouldn't have had to be built up to a Chief O'Brien level, something less would be fine.

When Lt. Worf left the bridge, usually some one from the back of the bridge took his place, would it be all that hard to have Worf call them by name "Yo Ramirez, mind my panel."

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