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Re: What changes should be made to comics?

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Send all American comic artists and writers to Japan, Korea and China to learn how to create manga, so we get 18 black and white pages a week instead 22 or 24 pages every other month. Manga is usually published the way comics once were in ancient times - several characters and stories in one magazine - so you could get all your faves in one single weekly purchase. BTW, crossovers in manga are virtually unheard of, so no Crisis of 52 Infinite Civil Secret Wars to deal with.
So what you're saying is that the American comics industry should ditch its current readership completely in the hopes that it MIGHT grab new readers?
Wow. So nobody really reads what I'm posting, huh?

No, what I'm saying is American comics publishers should return to a publishing model that actually worked for them for decades using creation techniques that dominate the comics industry of an entire continent and has made massive inroads into most of the rest of the continents.

From a business perspective that makes no sense. I read American comics and do not read Manga for a reason. In fact I know a lot of comics fans that simply do not read Manga.
So do I, and the reasons you all site are generally based on misconceptions about Manga. You have no idea what a good Manga artist is capable of.

What you're essentially saying is that DC and Marvel should just close their respective doors and then reopen as new manga companies and hope that they get readers.
Like I said in the first line of this response...
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