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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Homecoming: So, Jonas is gone and Daniel has returned. Now I know when we first got Jonas I was all gushy over his presence, his arms, his lack of mopeyness, his potential as an interesting character.. but you know they did fuck all with the guy. Slotted him into Daniel's job with none of the joy Daniel had in his archaeology. Couple of jokes about how he doesn't know anything about earth and was technologically behind and then forgot about it for the rest of the season. Teased us with him being a different kind of human (and presumably all his people are) and never said exactly what this means, even though the little Doctor was ogling the test results. Dragged out O'Neill's lukewarmness about him far too long. Used his being a super quick study of everything to completely remove any learning curve that might have given him some personality.

So yeah. He was nice to look at but I am looking forward to seeing if they give the ascended and then descended Daniel some interesting developments because of everything he's been through.

Oh and good job on Anubis escaping, would like to see more of his shadowy evil self.

I'm also enjoying O'Neill's running mockery of the Goa'uld system lords being uber camp and pulp sci fi

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