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Re: Joss Whedon's cute sexy nerd girls

Let's see...

Willow - annoying, stupid voice and uhh bats for the other team.

Fred - Winner! Starts out as too crazy, at some point she's just the right kind of crazy, and I think she eventually is not crazy enough but still. Beats the others by a country mile.

Kaylee - About as overrated as you can get, espcially around these parts. An obnoxious character played by a moderately attractive woman. Zzzzz.

Penny - The singing is way too squeaky. And the save the homeless schtick is tiresome.

Bennett Halverson - I watched show, I don't remember the character that well. Was she kind of a scared-rabbit-looking lab-rat or something?

Dana - I mean to catch that movie sometime, but I haven't, so can't really comment.
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