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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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NewHorizon, How did you go from my original reply...

Nothing is yet known about Season 4. The schedules and assignments at CBS are totally fluid and subject to change. All I can tell you for certain is that CBS Digital will do (and are doing) Season 3.
to this:
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One of the Mods over on Trekcore informed me that Seasons 4 and 6 are not assigned to anyone yet. CBS-Digitals schedule is flexible to some degree.
to this:
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From what one of the mods on Trekcore said, HTV may not be doing 4 and 6 afterall. That might have been a misunderstanding. All they could say right now is that CBS is doing Season 3 and that CBS's schedule remains flexible.
A total misunderstanding of my original reply. Please don't misquote like that.

To break it down.
CBS Digital ARE doing Season 3.
CBS have not announced anything about Seasons 4-7.
CBS have not announced schedules, release dates or who is responsible for 4-7.
Well, like I said..."This might have been a misunderstanding" as in...on my part. Which, I clearly did misunderstand.

Sorry to have misconstrued your message.
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