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Re: Dexter - Season 7 (with Spoilers)

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I'm going to die! You can't save me! I have minutes to live... Bugger. tell me? can you bury me with my boyfriend since it's almost impossible to get me to a hospital on time? Thanks. Cheers. You're a mate."

(9 hours later, on Dexter's boat approaching the burial point.)

"Yup, any second now, there's absolutely no saving me now, it's a good thing we never tried, we'd still be trying to find parking at the hospital and I'd surely be dead and anxious..."

(4 hours later)

"Yes I can feel death coming. My time is up. It's the final curtain, this was the best choice, I had nothing to live for...."
Haha I felt the exact same thing.


But over to the ending scene with Hannah;

Did anyone else get the impression that she didn't like Dexter opening up like that?
I got the feeling that she was attracted to Dexters nonchalant attitude, but when he opened up, that disappeared. Now all she sees is someone clingy, someone too emotionally involved.

It's obvious that Hannah has huge emotional problems, she probably hates herself. That's probably why she wasn't afraid when faced with Dexters knife. She doesn't believe she deserves to live

I didn't buy her story into the ex-husband trying to force her into an abortion.

What I think happened is that the ex-husband cared too much, and in her world she doesn't deserve affection, so she killed him.
Now Dexter is doing the same thing as her ex-husband, and therefore he will be her next target.

She can't stand that someone can love someone like her
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