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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

As someone who remains hopeful that the outcome of HTV's work won't look all that bad in motion and who is still convinced that some of the released screencaps genuinely look amazing, I must admit that even I'm somewhat disappointed in the lack of love that went into recreating the FX for season two. I hope at some point someone will come forward and acknowledge what exactly went wrong.

However ...

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Assuming CBS goes with a 2/4/6 schedule for HTV, I'm glad that Darmok is in season 5. If HTV did it, I have a feeling the "phaser out of the torpedo tube" shot would have remained as-is.
... that's something I don't want to see changed actually, as I don't consider these kind of things "mistakes". I mean, really, where in the series is it said that there isn't a phaser emitter mounted on the photon topedo tube? It isn't a mistake just because the technical advisors of the show or a fictional Technical Manual say so. So again, I wouldn't want them to change that.
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