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Re: What changes should be made to comics?

Comics are definitely not a good buy these days. They need to be cheaper. What the best way to do that is, I don't know.

I gave up on mainstream comics somewhere in the middle of Civil War. Not just because they are too expensive for the product, but because the content sucked. Bad stories written by bad writers drawn by bad artists. And I don't know if pulp paper would make comics any more affordable or not, but it would sure make them look better-- computer coloring on glossy paper just makes contemporary comic art look even stiffer and more plastic.

I don't agree with the idea of imposing a House Style-- Marvel was at its best in the 70s when it had an incredibly diverse Bullpen of artistic talent (on the writing side as well)-- but individual characters should definitely be drawn consistently and recognizably.

I also don't agree with nixing shared universes and doing constant reboots, but they should definitely set solid formats for their books and change them only rarely. No major status quo changes every issue, no shocking deaths of major characters every issue, no universe-shattering crossover event every other week. Without gimmicks to fall back on, writers would have to actually write good stories.

As for motion comics, they are an interesting idea. They seem to be derived from those horrible-but-entertaining minimally animated Marvel cartoons of the 60s. They do still exist. If you search for motion comics on YouTube you'll find some. Dark Horse has a few Hellboy episodes that are pretty good.
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