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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

have you read New Frontier ( not sure if this bit is in the movie?) but Diana liberates a Combodian rapecamp. Women in bamboo cages taken out for sex and then put away like sports equipment when there's better things to do. So Diana beats up all the cambodian "soldiers" and they're all tied up, she releases the women too, then hands one of thema mahcine gun and says their fate is up to you. A lot of gunfire fire later everyone is feeling real good about themselves. So Diana and these heavily armed women spend the next few months running around south east asia killing every man they see, until they bump into Superman.

"Diana, this is wrong. you can't let them do this, it's murder."

"Shut up Clark, you'll never understand you're not a woman, hell, you're not even human."

(The hilarious bit is that Wonder Woman is almost 6 inches taller than Superman.)

Lucy lawless played Wonder Woman in that aniimated movie.

(but read the comics, a much much larger story.)

I really should think about watching it again.

(Wow, Brooke Shields as Carol Ferris? Star Sapphire? That'd still look damn good today in llive action.)
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