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Re: Any old timers still around?

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I found some old chat logs from 2002-2004 but discovered that I had kept only those of friendly people. I am not sure if all of them were on TrekBBS. It's possible that some names from other boards (particularly from SlipstreamBBS) might have slipped in. In addition to the previous lists I found:

Cpt Dumbass
Felonius Monk
Borgs 8472 (possibly from German TrekBBS)
Dr Phil (identical with King Phil?)
Lexicdark (possibly from SlipstreamBBS)
Phoenician Knight
Borgs8472 was from here, more or less left with the mass exodus when Wordforge was started, ended up running that board for a while after Cassandra/MS left. Not sure whether he was part of, but I suppose it's possible - we did have some who were members of both.

Geck still turns up every once in a while, and Phoenician Knight's around. I vaguely recall Cpt Dumbass and Soundzen, but not sure about the rest.
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