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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

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How about this: Star Trek: Excelsior is pleased to be accepted as part of the Fan Film Maker's Association (even though we're an audio program). If there is any expertise or other help that we can offer to anyone, just ask!
Excellent. I encourage anyone interested to look into the generous offer of the Association, and appreciate your own offer as well. If I had ever managed to accomplish anything with my own endeavors I always considered "Phase II" to be helping others do the same (as much as was practical).



I had a post discussing your reply online here for a brief period of time. Maurice's gentle chide (which I took as good natured) helped me face the fact that it was (again) entirely too long, almost entirely off topic (not by my choice), and entirely unlikely to change your mind about anything. So I withdrew it. I had suggested at the end that I, at least, would be able to go to LA this week as I am in California until Monday. I did so hoping that some of the people you've been mutually annoyed with would come as well (assuming they were within range). This doesn't seem likely either, but I thought it was worth a shot. If you and the other Association members are satisfied with the current situation then who am I to suggest you should be otherwise.

Best luck to all of your studios, and those of the new recruits.


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