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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

DarKush wrote: View Post
Also the animated film DC put out a couple years ago would be another good place to look for inspiration.
I fear that plot sounds boring as all hell to me... and in its story, where did all these Greek gods go between the Classical and modern times?

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Two words that can guarantee a successful Wonder Woman movie: "Nazi Zombies".

No feelings, no morals, no romance... Just Diana ploughing into an endless horde of the undead with her magic sword decapitating and bifurcating the Axis menace.

After the first 10 minutes there's no more bullshit about her sexist costume because you can't see it through the caked gore.
Halfway agree: I'd like to see a WW movie start off in an alternate/even worse WW2, where the Nazis have conquered all of Western Europe (and maybe are still allied with the Soviets?). Along the lines of Captain America, but with a grittier, more Raiders or even Temple of Doom (the non-"funny" bits, mind) feel. Captain America is good and all, but it's so darn shiny.
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