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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Dac wrote: View Post has an article about the second season release here:

It doesn't acknowledge any of the issues we've been focusing on here, but JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! Is that pre-viz/test shot of Nagellum?! It looks fucking terrifying!

EDIT: Um, I really hope this is an unfinished shot.

Ignoring the fact that it's missing the cutting/tractor beam (twice, the green from the main tractor and the yellow from the slice tractor), it also shows where the specially built close up model doesn't quite fill the screen as we can see it's just a floating piece of the saucer in nothing. Also, it's stupidly bright. AND it shows the cut off decals! It just says "prise" and "701-D".

It has to be a pre-viz/WIP right? But why is the smoke there? Oh god, please please please don't be a finished article. That's the money shot for the entire season ffs. It's got to just be a shot from the documentary showing off pre-vis. It's got to be. No one can be that incompetent.
I'm almost entirely sure that it's just imagery from the production process. Otherwise, "Where Silence Has Lease" will become the single most frightening episode of Star Trek ever, even surpassing "The Thaw." I'm probably going to have nightmares after seeing that uncompleted Nagilum still.
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